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an e-course to  revolutionize your secret place with God and live in consistent devotion for life! 


Are you longing to breakthrough to a consistent, connected, fiery lifestyle of devotion?

Want to walk in fellowship with Jesus throughout the day in a deeper way?
Does the busyness of life make it seem impossible to have regular time the
secret place?
Do you get easily distracted when trying to spend time with the Lord?
Does your time with the Lord seem aimless and you aren’t sure how to engage?

"Chris is not only an anointed prophetic worship minister, but a true reformer & Holy Ghost activist…prepare to be challenged and receive real impartation from this fiery vessel”

- Sean Smith, Point Blank International


Between the busyness of life, children, and life responsibilities, being consistent in your intimacy with the Lord can be the hardest thing to do!

So many people I talk to feel the same way and are longing for support, encouragement and guidance to breakthrough to living a life overflowing from His presence.  That's exactly why I created this course! I want to give the guidance, revelation and encouragement I wished someone would have given me.


 The content of this course represents the real and raw up and down journey of pursuing the Lord over the years. God has shared things with me that have revolutionized how I live my life from the secret place, and I want to share those with you!”


I know what it's like to fail to be consistent in the secret place with God...

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Those who...
  •  Want to establish a consistent and radical lifestyle of devotion to God
  • Want revival and rejuvenation in their secret place
  • Are frustrated with the busyness and distractions of life
  • Need fresh revelation and biblical foundation for the devotional lifestyle 

Chris Burns

My passion is His presence! I've been captured by His love and have spent the last 10 years traveling the world teaching, preaching, singing and writing books all because I want people to encounter the life transforming love of God.


I've  released 6 worship albums to date and am the author of the book “Pioneers of His Presence” which is used in schools all over the world and been translated into various different languages.

I'm also the founder of The Sound Movement which hosts nationwide Jesus festivals, worship schools, music intensives and online personal training and equipping.

Me and my wife Danielle along with our children Jude, Mila and Elisabeth currently live, serve and base ourselves out of Nashville, TN

the SECRET PLACE lifestyle E-Course

8 Powerful 
Video Lessons
8 Practical
Live Q&A
engage with online community
prayer playlist
Learn from anywhere...at your own pace!

Why Invest in Growing Spiritually?


As believers we search for answers from every source in the world, often times neglecting the very source itself in our personal secret place with God.


I know firsthand how off track my life is when I’m not getting consistent daily time with the Lord. It’s like making myself a target for insecurity, confusion, depression and more! Somehow though, those things disappear when we find ourselves back in consistent devotion with the Lord.

Investing in your spiritual life is an investment into a successful life, ministry, family and business


What's in the Course?

Lesson 1: The Secret of Life: The Secret Place

Jesus said there is “one thing necessary” to all of life; the secret place of intimacy with Him. We lay a foundation and set the stage for a devotional revolution in your life!

Lesson 2: The Foundational Truth of Intimacy

The game changer! This lesson is going to be a jailbreak from dead religious ideals and paradigms we subconsciously hold onto. Discover the things robbing you from enjoying God in deep intimate relationship!

Lesson 3: When You Don’t Have Time To Pray

This lesson is the crux of the entire course. Discover key truths that will forever change the way you approach your secret place and intimacy with God! You will never be the same!

Lesson 4: The Art of Hearing God

Hearing God is an art, not a science. We learn that hearing is eating and learn incredible insights into hearing God's voice in ALL forms; from the secret place to every minute of the day!

Lesson 5: Change The World From Your Secret Place

You can change the world simply through intimacy with God. I show you this in the Bible! Learn about the saints of the past and heroes from the Bible and how intimacy defined them and how they changed the world as we know it through their simple devotion to God in the secret place!

Lesson 6: Your Calling In Life & How To Find It

Trading your calling for His calling. You can't know who you are unless you intimately know who He is. Ministry isn't what you do, but who you are. Calling isn't what you'll do, but who your becoming through intimacy with Jesus. This lesson will fully thrust you into confidence in your calling.

Lesson 7: Practical Keys To A Consistent Secret Place

A culmination of life changing keys and proven tips and ways to consistently live from the secret place of intimacy with God! Hear from my personal struggles and battles won in this area!

Lesson 8: The Traveling Secret Place

From private to public, how to practice intimacy and fellowship with God every minute of every day! This is the pinnacle of our pursuit. I show you biblical precedent and practical insight of how we do this.

A single mindset shift from this course can

change your life forever!

“For years Chris has been a walking word to provoke a generation into the secret place…” -Clayton Collins 
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Robin & Claire, UK 

Chris's revelation that we can and should 'labor in the art of the secret life with God' has been life-changing for us. His teachings have helped us to become more intentional lovers of Jesus, pursuing intimacy with Him above all else, in the knowledge that 'we do not graduate from intimacy; we only build on it.' He has affirmed our conviction that lavishing our time, energy and resources on Jesus is the best investment we could ever make."


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own pace
Go through the course material when it's convenient for you. Set your own pace and your own timeline to completion.
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Frequently asked questions

How does this course work?

When the course is launched you'll receive an email with instructions and access to the content. You can start the course at any time you’d like and go at your own pace. The course has a teaching video with each lesson and teaching notes. Your individual lesson completion will be shown by a progress bar that will help to visualize and reward your daily progress unto completing the full course! As well, you’ll receive 30 inspiring and engaging quotes or small writings to read before starting your devotion time. These will act to stir you up and set your heart in the right direction in your secret place.

How long will it take to complete this course?

Each session is around 1 hour long. How much time you decide to invest in the additional materials is completely up to you. We’d estimate a total of 8-10 hours to complete the course.

How long will I have access to this course?

Yes! You will have lifetime access to the course! This means you can go back and do the course yearly, quarterly, or as much as you wish to continue to stay motivated and encouraged to pursue the consistent devotional lifestyle!

Is this course available for those outside the USA?

Yes! Because this is an online, digital only course, it is available worldwide.

What do I get with this course?

On top of the 8 teaching videos, teaching notes, "Pioneers of His Presence" book, 30 quotes and short writings, you’ll also receive: -Access to the online community to engage, encourage, and support others in their secret place! -Personally curated prayer, devotion, and secret place music playlists by Chris Burns!

Do I have to finish the course in a set amount of time?

No. You may move along the course schedule at any speed you wish and whatever works for you.

Will Chris come to my church, ministry or group to teach and/or do this course in person?

Yes. Visit www.burnsministries.com to invite Chris.

Can I watch and do the course from other devices than my laptop?

Absolutely! You can do the lessons on laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone and more!


"I'll give you concealed treasures and riches hidden in SECRET PLACES…” (Isaiah 45:3)